Slack is the preferred instant message platform for TXIH 2018. You can read more about it at

What is it?  It’s a funny and extreme message platform.  Some of us use it at work for our primary form of communication. For a group like TXIH 2018, we can communicate together in named topic channels, or create or own public or private channels as we wish. You can also direct message with anyone. It looks like the following screenshot. It has great mobile app support as well as Windows & Mac specific desktop apps, all of which are free.

We need you to request an opt-in to our slack group because we don’t want to over spam you, especially if you don’t want to join.  Please fill out this form to automatically get an invite to the TXIH 2018 Slack group (austinh3).

Slack Request

Enter your hash name and e-mail to get a slack channel invite.
  • Hash name of rego'd TXIH 2018 attendee
  • Enter the e-mail you'd like to use for slack integration. It doesn't have to be the same e-mail you used to register. You will receive the invitation directly from to this address