Rego Transfer

Please follow this procedure to transfer your rego.

  1. Arrange privately for funds transfer between you the seller and the buyer
  2. When you are ready to transfer the rego after payment, notify the TXIH 2018 Cummittee with this form.
  3. We will send acknowledgement e-mails to both the buyer and seller. And send a coupon code to the buyer so they can rego through the normal form, but with the payment not required.

Send any questions to

Rego Transfers

This form is to transfer a rego from one hasher to another. The buyer and seller are responsible for making the financial transfer. Hash best practices say that you should not sell a rego for more than you bought it for.

April update: We've already ordered the T-shirts. Your buyer is going to get your T-shirt size.

  • Put your hash name here
  • Enter your e-mail as the seller so you get a confirmation
  • Put their hash name here
  • We need this so we can send a coupon to the buyer so they can rego themselves without a payment
  • Whatever date you accepted payment
  • Anything else you think hash cash needs to know about this sale.