No TXIH can happen without the help of many Hashers, and we will be reaching out for volunteers to assist with various tasks. However, we are working under a tight budget, and do not have the luxury of offering discounts. Food, beer, gimmies, and the venue all cost the same whether one volunteers or not. Please do not ask for discounts in trade for volunteering. It just puts us in the awkward position of having to say no.
Here’s a google docs sheet with 1) deets, and 2) lists of crews.
Please look at it and correct information on the deets tab. on the crew tab, put in your hash name under the column for which crew you wish to assist. We’re thinking one shift of two-ish hours, and we will love you!
More info to cum. DM me with questions. Can’t wait to party with y’all! El BJ, Bill Corrigan.

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