Cellular Service

I had no service with AT&T. Moose Shocka did have service with Verizon. So iffy at best.

Webmaster’s note: we will work on a better cellular/wireless story.

Glitter & Confetti

We ask that you leave these at home. We must leave the venue in the state we find it, and these items are near impossible to clean. Glitter is micro plastics, often consumed by wildlife. If you must use glitter, please use biodegradable glitter, and use sparingly. Remember, we are Hashers not trashers.


Here is the Airport Ride Request spreadsheet.

A couple things when filling this out:
1. There are two tabs. One for pickups, one for dropoffs.
2. If you are traveling with someone or have other information you want to provide a driver (e.g. I don’t wear deodorant, so please only cars with air conditioning), put it in the notes section.
3. If you are offering to give a ride, fill out your information next to those you can pickup.
4. If you have agreed to give a ride, and later are unable to do so (e.g. AC in my truck just broke and that guy doesn’t wear deodorant), please remove your information promptly and contact the effected hasher(s). **If within two weeks of the event, please also PM me so I can try to help
And lastly, if none of this makes any sense or you need help- please let me know. I am happy to assist in any way I can….especially if bloody marys are involved.

On On!
Unexpecto Penetronum



No TXIH can happen without the help of many Hashers, and we will be reaching out for volunteers to assist with various tasks. However, we are working under a tight budget, and do not have the luxury of offering discounts. Food, beer, gimmies, and the venue all cost the same whether one volunteers or not. Please do not ask for discounts in trade for volunteering. It just puts us in the awkward position of having to say no.


Provided that sufficient padding is utilized to protect outer bark of trees, hammocks may be attached to tree trunks. No bare rope, chain, or straps around trees.


Absolutely no ground fires. All fires must be contained in a fire pan, and all ashes must be disposed of off premises. Grills for cooking must include a grease trap, and all grease must be disposed of off premises.


Due to proximity to two county roads, nudity will be prohibited from the pavilion area and within eyesight of the roads (as indicated on map). Nudity will be permitted in the camping areas.


As per our contract with Apache Pass Event Center, There will be no pets allowed to TXIH2018.

“Hashing is for people”