Rego Sales Delayed

Hello Fellow Texas Hashers and Halfminds!

We are committed to providing the best TXIH experience possible. To ensure all attendees have an amazing experience, from rego to cumpletion, we have decided to postpone opening rego sales. If you want to complain about it, write a letter to your congressman (we are waiting on the state to approve our LLC so we can begin accepting funds).

We apologize for this information being circulated at the 11th hour. We really made every effort possible to avoid this course of action. We will announce the new rego sale date on this website and the 2017 TXIH Facebook group with ample warning for all.

TXIH 2018 Cummittee

Welcome to Texas Interhash 2018!

We’re developing this website now to provide all the info you need for TXIH 2018.  Soon it will contain all information relevant to TXIH 2018.

Save the dates!    4-6 May, 2018

When can I rego?   Date to be announced soon — it will be well circulated

How much will regos cost?    At start of sale, $109.69.

What do I get?   Beer, Trails, Music, Beer, Skits, Beer, Gimmies, Beer, Games

Where is the event?   Central Texas!

Where do I get all information about this event?   This website!   In the coming weeks, we will update this site with the answers to all your questions.

If you have a burning question, please click the header of this or any post and leave a comment.

On-On !
TXIH 2018 Committee